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STFs already typed and now blessed with an illustration. They’ve been vivified.

birthday blues band

From Kev Moore

rambling rose garden

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plug-ugly sisters

PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES Cinderella star Lily James faces way more than just a pair of plug-ugly sisters as she switches to the role of Elizabeth Bennet…

surprise party line

A font by Anastasia Feya

man cave man

MAN CAVE MAN credit Euan Walker – Image credit Anonymous (atm)


burst your bubble bath

Mark Parisi via Bob Marsden

backseat driving licence

self-esteem engine

word search party

gravy train wreck


food chain gang

by Theresa McCracken

poetic licence plate

Go here for the storyline

fried egg plant

monkey business suit

holy seesaw

Holy seesaw Batman!


Illustration by Kim Sokol

future shock absorber

sitting duck decoy

Lot 475 | 60/40 Snap Lock Sitting Duck Decoy

hospital stay away

stations of the crossword puzzle

cutie pie chart

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little red riding hoodwinked

didgeridoo it yourself

beyond the pale ale

word search and rescue

It’s a (word) search and rescue challenge!

mardi foie gras

don’t care home

yawning gap year

But the once-yawning gap year-over-year has narrowed. Issuers floated just 7% more in total volume last month than they did in July 2011.

unrequited love handles

published courtesy Teresa Burritt

trump card trick

ooh la la land

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enola gay pride

Saatchi Art

schrödinger’s catch 22?

Tom Gauld

compost modernist

Candice Roberts

bimetallic striptease

avant-guard dog

schrödinger’s cat burglar

bugger off licence

charmed life expectancy

mirror image consultant

A cartoon by Bruce Eric Kaplan Prints available at

security blanket statement

holy waterboarding

promised land mines

magnetic personality disorder

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möbius striptease

periodic table amendments

word association football

John Cleese/Monty Python’s Flying Circus

population growth hormone


will i am

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wooden horse racing

motorhome on the range

Motorhome On The Range

washing machine gun


false alarm clock

olympic torch song

plaster of paris lip

overlooking grave

make your marcus brutus

fond memory foam

artificial intelligence test

lost luggage labels

by Daniel Eatock

building site foreman

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milk chocolate pudding

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none of your business card

pony expresso coffee

attempted murder of crows

healthy respect party

Here is a safe and healthy environment for our kids to grow and learn to respect each other and everyone one around them.

tv dinner gown

by Teresa Burritt